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About our Dogs

Happily Ever After is a NO-KILL sanctuary. HEA does not discriminate against dogs coming into our care for any reason. All breeds, ages, and temperaments are accepted at HEA. On any given day, HEA houses between 40 and 60 dogs. The dogs are cared for by volunteer staff and community volunteers who come to HEA on a regular basis and are educated on the personalities of each dog. Volunteers also take time daily to play with the dogs and walk them.

At HEA, the dogs in the downstairs Dog Dens live in groups. This area is currently separated into 4 play-yards. There are anywhere from three to six dogs in a doggy-play-group. These dogs have continuous indoor/outdoor access so they play, sleep, and eat together on a daily basis. This is great socialization for these dogs. Upstairs, are the Doggy Suites. These suites allow dogs that prefer a less stimulating environment, a quiet place to relax and enjoy life while at HEA. Some dogs share a room with another dog while others have one to themselves. If they enjoy it, these dogs also get outdoor playtime and walks with the other dogs for socialization and bonding time.

We believe there is a forever family out there for every dog...even if that forever family is HEA. We work with all the dogs that come in to our care. While some dogs are ready upon arrival for adoption, others can take months or years to rehabilitate and make ready to live with their forever family. We have adopted out dogs that have spent as little as two weeks with us and as long as 2 years. Some dogs spend their life at HEA if it is decided they are not suitable for living outside the sanctuary while others are court ordered to spend their life at HEA.

No matter who the dog or what the situation was that brought them to HEA, they are loved unconditionally until they find their forever family.