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Low Cost Clinic

Happily Ever After has a mission to bring about a time when all companion animals brought into this world are guaranteed a quality life in a loving home. HEA is trying to do this through three different programs: adoptions, education, and SPAY/NEUTER.

Happily Ever After has teamed up with area veterinarians to bring low-cost spay/neuter to the public (especially targeting low-income families) who otherwise would not be able to afford spaying/neutering their pet. We understand that many people want to do the right thing by spaying/neutering their pet but are unable to due to financial constraints.

The program currently offers people two different options.

One option is our Saturday or Sunday quarterly clinic days at The Animal Hospital of De Pere. The clinic days will be posted on our website under the events section when they become available. The pet has to be dropped off on the morning of the spay/neuter day at the veterinary clinic. The spay/neuter procedure is completed that day. You will be called when the pet wakes up so that a pick-up time can be set up (pick up is the same day usually no later than 4:30pm).

The other option offered is our voucher program. The voucher program is currently run in partnership with Packerland Veterinary Center, The Animal Hospital of De Pere, and Riverside Animal Hospital.

This program is run in the following manner:

-You send cash/check in the correct amount for the procedure for your pet to Happily Ever After, E5714 Bork Road, Marion WI, 54950

-Within 3-5 business days we will send you a voucher that can be used at Packerland Veterinary Center, The Animal Hospital of De Pere or Riverside Animal Hospital.

-Upon receiving the voucher from HEA, you call to set up an appointment with Packerland Veterinary Center, The Animal Hospital of De Pere, or Riverside Animal Hospital to have your pet spayed/neutered at your convenience (be sure to tell them you have the voucher through HEA).

-It is important that you present the voucher to the reception staff on the day of the surgery. If you do not have the voucher, you will be required to pay full price for the procedure.

-Any additional services you would like preformed on your pet that day needs to be scheduled with the clinic and you will be charged regular price at that clinic (example: vaccines or declaw)

Since the inception of this program in 2008, HEA and local veterinarians have helped the public spay/neuter over 1,300 cats and dogs.

Happily Ever After believes the only way to stop the euthanasia of millions of animals in shelters is to help the public spay/neuter their pets. Please join us in our mission to end pet overpopulation and SPAY/NEUTER your pet.

Male Cat - $40.00
Female Cat - $60.00
Male Dog - $80.00
Female Dog - $100.00

*If you are an area veterinarian and would like to partner with HEA to bring the low-cost spay/neuter option to your community, please email heainfo@aol.com for partnership details.