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IMPORTANT: When submitting a surrender application, please be aware that the wait time may be up to a year. This is due to the high demand we are experiencing, as we are the only true no-kill facility in Wisconsin and many people desire to surrender their pet to a place where they know it will not be euthanized. We are making plans for future expansion, and we will email or call you when space becomes available. Thank you for your patience. In the meantime, we encourage you to follow the tips below to work through the issues you may be currently experiencing, and keep trying to find a forever home for your pet!

When surrendering an animal to an animal welfare facility, you are making a life-changing decision for your pet. The decision to surrender should not be entered into lightly nor should it be a decision made on a whim. Happily Ever After asks that you weigh all of the options before surrendering your pet.

First consider the reason why you are surrendering the pet. There usually are solutions to the problem if you are willing to work through it.

  1. If you are surrendering the pet because of moving/home foreclosure, have you looked into renting at places that allow pets in the building? Have you asked others in the family if they could temporarily "foster" your pet while you find a place that allows pets?
  2. If you are surrendering the pet due to urinating/defecating in the house, have you brought the pet to the veterinarian to make sure they don't have a urinary tract infection, kidney stones or some other medical problem? Have you tried crating the animal or limiting their access to one room in the house? Have you tried different litter products, litter boxes, or different carpet cleaners?
  3. If you are surrendering because someone in the family has allergies, have you consulted the family physician to ask them about medications or allergen removers for the house?
  4. If you are surrendering due to anxiety the pet has about new situations or separation anxiety have you tried different diffusers/pheromones? Have you tried leaving the radio/TV on when you leave the house? Have you tried Rescue Remedy or other flower essences? Have you tried natural remedies (L-Theanine)?
  5. If you are surrendering due to pregnancy in the family, have you considering keeping the pet until you know whether or not his/her behavior will be changed by the new baby? One should not make the decision to surrender just because of pregnancy, not all pets are bad with babies...give them a chance to adjust to the new situation.
  6. If you are surrendering your pet due to a behavior problem such as running away, hyper activity, or aggression, have you talked to your veterinarian, is the pet spayed/neutered, have you consulted a behavioral expert, tried exercising the pet more, taken it to obedience training, etc?

These are just some of the reasons we have been told when people are surrendering their pet and some possible solutions to the problems. Talk to people around you about what you are experiencing. Often times others have gone through the same situations and have been able to keep their pet due to their willingness to work through the problem. It never hurts to ask others for help.

Before surrendering the pet there is paperwork to be filled out which you can find on our website. This paperwork needs to be received by Happily Ever After before surrendering an animal. Upon receiving a call from a HEA representative to set up a time of surrender, please bring items that are familiar to your pet with you to help them adjust to life outside of your house and family. Things to consider bringing for cats upon surrender are: a bed/blanket with your scent as well as their own, the litter they use at your house, the food they are used to eating, toys they enjoy playing with, any medications they are currently receiving, and anything else you think they would find comforting. Things to consider brining for your dog upon surrender are: a bed/blanket with your scent as well as their own, toys they enjoy playing with or sleeping with, treats or chewies they enjoy, the food they are used to eating, any medications they are on, and anything else you think they would find comforting.

Happily Ever After Animal Sanctuary tries to make the transition from your family to the sanctuary to a new family as smooth as possible for the animal. Please help us in doing this by being sure to consider all the options and what is best for the pet. When filling out the acceptance and release form, please be honest. The answers on these forms do not affect whether or not we take the pet. The questions are strictly being asked so that we can get to know the pet and the experiences you have had so that we can work with them and inform their new family what their previous homes/families were like.

If you would like to surrender an animal, please fill out the acceptance and release forms and email them to heainfo@aol.com or mail them to HEA, E5714 Bork Road, Marion WI 54950. A Happily Ever After representative will contact you when space becomes available.

Please fill out the appropriate form and submit it to us with as much information as possible filled out.